Getting Pulled Over Is More Than Frustrating

Go over your options with a traffic violation attorney serving Great Neck, Westbury, and Kensington, NY

No driver wants to see those red and blue lights flashing behind them. If you've been pulled over for a moving violation, it's important to meet with an experienced traffic violation attorney. Barton Sobel, Attorney at Law has been practicing in the Great Neck, Westbury, and Kensington, NY areas for more than three decades. He will work with you to fight back against your charges in court.

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Is your traffic ticket unjust?

Is your traffic ticket unjust?

While there are never any guarantees in the courtroom, our traffic violation attorney will do everything he can to advocate for your innocence. If you build a strong traffic ticket defense that leads to a dismissal of charges, you could avoid...

  • Points on your license
  • Ticket-related fines
  • Higher insurance premiums

Don't let one traffic ticket impact your finances. Speak with attorney Sobel about your case today.