Don't Let Someone Else Control Your Assets

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If you don't have a will in place when you pass away, the courts will make decisions about the distribution of your assets. To make sure your wishes are known, start drafting a will with help from Barton Sobel, Attorney at Law in Great Neck, NY. Our estate planning attorney will work with you to maximize your distributions and set up tax breaks that will benefit your family.

If you're interested in wills and trusts, attorney Sobel is happy to talk to you about your estate plan. Contact us today by calling 516-487-0700.

3 benefits of estate planning

3 benefits of estate planning

You may not think you need to plan right away, but you never know what the future could hold. Working with an estate planning attorney can...

  1. Reduce family conflicts about your assets
  2. Make the grieving process easier for your family
  3. Save your family money on their inheritance

Not sure where to start? Discuss your options with a wills and trusts attorney today.